How to write an essay about sexual intimacy in the relationship

Writing an essay is often extremely challenging. Your task might become even more difficult in case you need to create an academic paper on a sensitive topic, like sexual intimacy. However, we would like to help you cope with this task with minimum efforts. Just follow these simple rules and craft a top-notch paper in no time!

Use a proper voice and tone

First of all, make sure to use an official tone when creating your essay. Avoid using any slang words or phrases no matter how fitting they look like for your academic paper. Remember that you will need to represent it at your school or college but not only read to your friends and mates. Therefore, write on this topic in a delicate manner.

Add more research

Any type of essay requires making some research. Even in case you believe you are an expert on the topic you write about, it is always a good idea to search for more facts and arguments online. You can also find the samples of the essays on sexual intimacy to get more ideas on what you need to write about.

Be loyal

All people are different and might create different types of relationships. This means heterosexual relationships are not the only ones you can write about. Don’t be afraid to mention other types of couples in your essay.

Focus on feelings

Creating successful relationships is not only about having sexual intimacy. You can also add more facts about the deep feelings the couples are expected to have to become a perfect match. Don’t forget to mention love, support, and being faithful to your partner.

Drop a few facts describing the opposite views

Avoid describing the facts from only one viewpoint. This means you can add some information about the opposite views of other people regarding your topic. Then provide strong arguments for your thoughts.

Avoid sharing your personal experiences
Remember that you are writing an analytical essay. This means you don’t have to share your personal experiences with a large audience or your essay’s readers.


Reviewing is an essential part of creating any type of essay. Make sure to polish your academic paper and fix all the mistakes and misprints. It is also necessary to check whether all your paragraphs are connected with your outline. Always follow a classical three-part structure of creating an academic paper to get the highest possible scores. Most professionals recommend reviewing your paper for at least two times to have an opportunity to fix even the minor issues in your paper.
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